.: Federal Troops on the Niagara Frontier :.         
  The Buffalo Barracks              .: 1837-1846 :.
   "Descriptive & Historical Enlistment Registers" of 1,690 Regular U.S. Army Soldiers who served at Buffalo:
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1st Artillery 1st Infantry 2nd Artillery 2nd Infantry Dragoons
3rd Artillery 3rd Infantry 4th Artillery 4th Infantry 5th Infantry
6th Infantry 8th Infantry Unspecified Deaths K.I.A.
Sergeants Corporals Artificers Musicians Stewards
Wounded Rejections Desertions Drummed Out Aliens
Soldiers at Fort Niagara
NYS Volunteers 1838 Roster
NYS Militia Orders Jan-Mar 1838
   Click on this ex-Artificer's "Soldiers Book" to view its entire contents; dating from 1839 to 1844.

   Officers listed according to rank while serving at Buffalo:  Clickable Names For Portraits / Memoirs
  Joel R. Poinsett
Sec. of War in 1837
Col. William Lindsay - died Sept. 15, 1838
Col. Ichabod B. Crane - Sept. & Oct. 1838
Col. James M. Bankhead - Oct. 1838 - Aug. 1841
Col. Bennett Riley - Aug. 1841 - Mid 1845
James Duncan
William Jenkins Worth
Henry Whiting - QM
Richard A. Zantzinger
J. E. Backens
Matthew M. Payne
Robert C. Wood - Post Surgeon
Clement A. Finley - Asst. Surgeon
John L. Gardner
George Croghan    Francis Taylor    Charles Ferguson Smith    Michael M. Clarke    G.L. Drake    Edmund A. Ogden
Frederick R. Smith    George C. Westcott    William G. Williams    William D. Frazer    James D. Greene
William C. DeHart    James H. Stokes    George Wright    J.W. Miller    D.H. Clinton    Robert F. Clary
- also Captains: Truscott, Russell, and Barnum
William A. Nichols   Lucious H. Allen   William Hays   Hannibal Day   Arnold Elzey (Jones)   John Sedgwick   John F. Roland   J. H. Simpson
J.R.D. Burnett   Henry J. Hunt   Augustus A. Gibson   Henry L. Kendrick   Andrew A. Humphreys   Lewis G. Arnold   Edmund Schriver   Robert Allen
Horace Brooks   Lucious Pitken   Leslie Chase   Arthur B. Lansing   T.B. Ridgely   H.C. Bratt   Charles B. Daniels   William Armstrong
Muscoe Shackleford   John C. Casey   Roland A. Luther   William B. Blair   Joseph W. Anderson   Edwin R. Long   William Alburtis
Alexander S. McComb   Charles S. Hamilton   John Martin   Edward Murrey   Julios Heyden   William Hoffman   Silas Casey
Samuel P. Heintzelman   John P. O'Brien   R. A. Suthed   Israel C. Woodruff   James R. Soley   Charles F. Wooster   Edward D. Townsend
William W. Chapman   William F. Barry   L. Mackensie   John C. Pemberton   Jefferson C. Davis   John M. Washington   John W. Phelps
Samuel J. Bransford   Frederick Steele   -also Lieutenants: Burnett, Canby, Kello, Morgan, and Woodbridge

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