Soldiers at Fort Niagara {1835-1856}
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Official U.S. Army Descriptive & Historical Enlistment Register

Age 38
Eyes hazel
Hair brown
Complexion fair
Height 5' 8"
Birth Place Hanover, Germany
Occupation Soldier
Date June 4, 1840
Where Ft. Winnebago
By Capt. Wright
Regiment 2nd Infantry & 8th Infantry
Company A & I
Died -
Deserted -
Apprehended -
Discharged April 4, 1845
Cause Expiration of Service
Remarks At Fort Niagara, NY - An Ordnance Sergeant (Re-enlisted)

Niagara County News, Youngstown, NY, April 13, 1883 -- A serious accident befell Mr. Lewis Leffman as he was returning from the polls Tuesday. While riding along the road in Mr. John Turner's democrat, by a sudden start of the horse he was precipitated from the back seat of the democrat to the ground, striking on his head and shoulders in a violent manner. Mr. Leffman is a very old gentleman, being over eighty-five years of age, and a fall like this, which, perhaps a younger man would think of no consequence, is apt to hurt him severely. His injuries, if any, are internal, and at this writing they cannot be said to be very dangerous.

[Editor again: Many of you will recognize Lewis Leffman as the retired Ordnance Sergeant who had served in the U.S. Army for fifty-nine years. For nearly forty years he was stationed at Fort Niagara. He and his wife Elizabeth helped establish St. John's Episcopal Church in Youngstown. He died of old age in 1885.]

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