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Patriots’ War Company Book January-March 1838
The information below was obtained at the Buffalo & Erie County Historical Society, and was transcribed, in part, from the "Military Orders Book - #Mss A68-191," for the Buffalo Barracks Historical Website by:
  Helene Pellett - 03/22/08
Capt JC Warriner's Company of the 208th Regiment 47th Brigade 24th _____ of the Militia of the State of New York
No 1 State of New York
Regimental Orders
Buffalo Dec 30th 1837
In pursuance of an order from Brig Genl David Burt of the above Date you are hereby ordered to be and appear with the Company under your command forthwith armed & Equiped for Military Duty at the Court House in the City of Buffalo with four days provisions and wait further orders
Squire S Case Corp??
& Commanding Officer of 208 regt
Monday Jany 11th 1838
The Men assembled at the Court House according to order but not having arms the men were drilled without arms and remained embodied until the 4th d which time they were Dismised subject to a moments call the next day Genl Burt ordered 600 Stand of Muskets from the Arsenal of Batavia
In consequence of the company not having been organised for two years there was no non commissioned officers Edward C Shattuck, Charles T Shattuck, Jesse Sexton, Daniel Williams were appointed Sergents & Joel T White IF Garland Lymon Sherwood & Wm Loing were appointed Corporals this organised an order was issued to the above named Sergents to warn all men liable to de Military Duty to appear at the court House on the 10 of Jany inst? in the 2nd Beat?
Company Rolls as corrected?
Jany 10th 1838

Compliance Officers

IC Warriner Captain
Tho Neuroms?? Lieut
James S Leavitt Ensign

Non com Officers

EC Shattuck 1 Seg
CT Shattuck 2 “
J Sexton 3” promoted to quartermaster Sergent Jan 11th
J Williams 4” discharged 27 __ 1838
J?S White 1' Corp
Liman Sherwood 2 “
Wm Laing 3”
JG Garland 4” dis


CC Willis fifer - promoted fife major Jan 30th
Jacob Boice drummer
A? Chamberlain promoted? To Drum Major “

Wm P Stone
Geo Burnham discharged
Allen Spencer
David Whitmore
Ansel Chamberlin Certificate Jan 11th
Ambrose Carner
Joseph Bicksler Discharged
AB Rice
John Rice Discharged
Hiram Butrick Discharged
Chas Reynolds
Hiram Dixon Discharged
Joel Stover Discharged
DB Wheelock Discharged 13 Jan
GH Meritt
Lewis L Ingells Deserted Jan 11th
Joseph Fairchild Discharged
E Clark Discharged
Richard Seaman Discharged
CF Miller Discharged
S Rutter Discharged Feb 8th
Wm Cross
SM Thompson
John Burnham discharged 27th Jany 1838
Hudson Lepper
DD?? Swart Discharged
CL Johnson
J Donalson
E. Remington
A Densmore? Discharged
CI McCullock Transfer to Hospital Jan 17th
?B Perkins Discharged
Wm Mason Discharged
W Radcliff Deserted Jan 11th
James McKeen Discharged Jany 27 1838
Benj Dickie “
Wm Lowe Jun
Geo Flyder
Wm Andrews
EW Kimball Discharged Jan 27 1838
SS Gaff “
JH Estep
Jerm Stone Discharged Jany 27 1838
Wm W Mason “
James Yarum Transferred from Col Fields
Orlando Fuller Company Feb 1st 1838
Jos S Simpson
James Brown Henry Judovine Jun
OO Miles
Jehiel Bailee Transferred from Captain Dodge? Company
John Mitchell Feb 1st 1838
Hugh Tully
Caleb Briggs
GW Thompson
Caleb Smith
MM Sweeney
Richard Packer Discharged
David Smith
Geo Snyder Drummer without leave March 8
OS Pearce Corporal
Franklin Beardsley from Capt Grays Company
Milton W Hall
Chas Lindsey Left without Leave Feb 26
Head Quarters Niagara Frontier

Buffalo Feb 26th 1838
Special Order No 9

1 Capt Warriners company will move immediately to fort niagara on the arrival of the company Lieut Field will immediately move by the same conveyance to this place with his entire effiction

2 Capt Warriner will assume command of the fort and dispose of his men in the Stone buildings on a part of then into which he will also move such Spare arms and ammunition as may be in the last? exposed? Not to excede two men will be permitted to be absent from the garrison at one period and these not to excede a five hours ____ the day and he will be very careful as to communications with individuals outside of the garrison.

3 Major Young will accompany the command and Superintend the exchange of Garrison and then immediately return to this post
4 Assistant Surgeron Fellows will at the end of the month muster Capt Warriners command for pay the law requiring that musters shall be made by a commisions officer

By order of Lt. Col Worth
L Taylor Ast Sergt
Memorandum if the hospital stenard? is indispensible to ast surgeon Fellows he will remain at Fort Niagara

CI ? Klein for Geo Flyder Discharged
John H Bagley for CF Miller Discharged
Edwin Daniels for R Seaman discharged left without leave Sunday
4th March 1837 (might be error in company book) Mark Merilbe for L Fairchild Discharged
John T Deck for DD Smart?Snort? Discharged
Saml Bunchamp for R Backen Discharged
Benjamin Myers for F Beardsley Discharged
Buffalo Feb 15th 1838
Wm Cross Sick and absent By Leave of his Captain and aprved by Major Faxon Resides on Swan Street

Buffalo F 24 1838
Milton M Hall Furlough until the 26th 1838 at 10am (note in left margin - “returned”)

Feb 22
G Snyder home Sick at Black Rock

Feb 26
A Spencer Sick at Buffalo

Orrin S Pearce Sick in the hospital
Fort Niagara
Feb 27, 1838


You will move the powder now in the main magasine at the south gate into the small Magasine? In the stone building the arms and accoutrements will also be moved from their present deposit into the Room I have designated near the small magasin? the Cannon?/corner?? Will be drawn in and placed in Battery and immediately before your company Quarters over which there will be placed a centinnal to guard then a centinal will also be posted in the hall his walk will be in front of the magasin and Room containing the arms and accoutriments with orders to see that no one interferes with his charge in the like manner a centinal will be posted at the south gate to protect the entrance and give the alarm should suspicious persons approach his post you cannot be to careful with fires?? and to guard against accident from them the officer on duty will make frequent inspections of the fire in the mens Rooms during the night
your guard must be vigilint and the centinal frequently assisted both by night and by day to see that they are on the alert and understand their orders Col Durrett?? is an old and experienced officer and will cheerfully council with you and give you any advice relating to your Duty and command should you require ammunition you can obtain it from the ordinance sergant on your requisition and kept also any arms that you may want to complete your company of course should your post be attacked or any attempt made on our ordinance stoves? You will defend them to the last extremity should you hear of Arms mean your post intended for the patriots you will sieze them and use your best endeavors with your command to prevent any movements of our citizens in military armory to the canadian shore?

I am Sir very respt
Capt Warriner of ___ Capt sergt
Comdg Fort Niagara
N Young Major 3d Infantry
Head Quarters Niagara Frontier
Buffalo March 8th(3rd??) 1838

Order No 12

1 The Lt Col commanding embraces the first liesure to express the high gratification he has experienced on witnessing the admirable conduct of the Troops composing that portion of the command at this point on several recent ocasions in enforcing the Sons of the Land and in aid of the civil authorities.

2 The conduct of the Battalion of Volunteers of Major Faxons command composed of the companies of Col Tuthill Warriner & Case and the company of Artillery under Capt Babb/ was precisely what was expected from a proud high minded citizen soldering as well acquainted with the law as with the manner of enforcing respect for it. The dicipline exhibited by these companies reflects the highest credit upon their commanders

3d The detachment of regulars submitted to fatigue and privitions
with a patience steadiness and performance?? under vexatious circumstances which would have done credit to vetness?/returns? and does honor to their officers.

4th the Lieut col in the name of the Maj Gen commanding the eastern division returns thanks to each and every comps

By order of Lieut Col Worth
F Taylor Lt Adjt
Head Qtrs Niagara Frontier
Buffalo March 1 1838


I have to acknowledge your communication of the 27th I have directed the acting commissory to with Respecting Provisions & I approve of you appointed Lt Newcomer

The ordinance Sergent will issue such arms as may be necessary for the complete equipment of your company you will pleas advise the men that before being discharged such arms will be inspected and are want repairs arising from neglect will be charged Be careful & diligent and write daily on the night of your depositive we suceeded in unsting? & thorough dispersing the Invaders and getting their arms to & borders by expreip for detract to day I have that a like fote has befallen them in that quarter

Yours Resp 7th L Worth
Head Qrs Niagara Frontier
Buffalo March 7 1838

Special Order No 21

1 The company of Regulars under Lt. Field will resume its position as the garrison to Fort Niagara

2d on the arrival of Lt Field with his command Capt Warriner will march his company of N Your Volunteers to this place

3d Capt Tuthill commanding N York Volunteers men? Stationed at the Village of Niagara falls will on the Recipt of this order immediately march his command to this place engaging one waggon on sleigh to convey the company baggage

4th The ast Quarter Master Capt Thomsas will make arrangements for the transportation of the regulars hence to Fort Niagara and of capt Warriners company from the latter?? to this place.

By command of Lt. Col Worth
F Taylor Adjut
__________ O Head Quarters Niagara Fort
Warriners Buffalo March 1838

Dear Sir

You will on the reciept of this detach a file of eight men and take post on the schooner lying in the River and keep strict watch dont permit any

M Atthem 17th chap

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