Volunteer Soldiers who Served from the State of New York during the Patriot War 1838
Transcribed from Microcopy 631 by Helene Pellett.
(Some handwriting difficult to read and many names appear to be misspelled.)
The various companies and brigades of volunteer soldiers were mustered into service January 1838 for 3 months. Called to service by Governor William L. March at the request of Martin Van Buren brought to protect from invasion and pillage adjoining territory of the State of New York during the rebellion then in progress in the lower part of Canada against the authority of Great Britain and called the Patriot War. The supposedly correct name of a New York volunteer soldier who served during the Patriot War may not appear in the index for several reasons:
  • He may have served in the Regular Army.
  • He may have served under a different name of used a different spelling of his name or the unit which he served.
  • The reference to the original soldier may have been so vague that it was not practical to determine his correct name.
  • The compilation of service records of volunteer soldiers who served in the Patriot War was begun in 1891 under the direction of Maj. Fred C. Ainsworth, head of the Record and pension division of the War Department. Reproduction of the records included in this index may be obtained from the National Archives for a fee. Give soldier name and rank. These service records are part of Record Group 94 Records of the Adjutant General's office Example: Captain Brayman's Co. 48 Reg's 47 Brig NY Militia Buffalo NY Jan 23 1838 mustered in and enrolled in Hamburgh for 3 months Jan & Feb Captain tuthills co. 208 Reg't 47 Brig NY militia Mustered out March 12, 1838. Last paid Feb 28, 1838 (discharged march 3).

    Last NameFirst NameRank
    Abbott Chauncey QM Sergt
    Abbott Henry Private
    Abbott Marshall Private
    Abell Townsend P Chaplain
    Ackley Nelson D Private
    Adams AS Sergeant
    Adams Anson Private
    Adams Chester Private
    Adams Enos Private
    Adams Franklin Private
    Adams Orrin 2” Sergt
    Adriance JVS Private
    Akins Jno R Private
    Aimes John Private
    Aimes Orrin Private
    Ainsworth William Private
    Albro Wm H Private
    Allen Andrew D Private
    Allen Asher B Private
    Allen Carlisle T Capt
    Allen David 4” Sergt
    Allen Ethan Jr. 1” Corp
    Allen Henry Private
    Allen Henry E. 3” Corp
    Allen Jackson Private
    Allen John Private
    Allen Lane Private
    Allen OA or Orrin D 3” corp, 4 “ corp
    Allen Orange 1” Sergt
    Allen WH Private
    Allen ZG Private
    Ames George W Private
    Ames/Aimes Geo W 3” Corp
    Ames John Private
    Andrew George 4” Sergt
    Andrew RT Musketman
    Andrews William Private, Corp
    Anesworth/Ainsworth William Private
    Angel Abel Private
    Angell Joseph Private
    Anson Edward Private
    Antrim Samuel Private, 1”corp
    Arbour W Private
    Armand Bernard Private
    Armstrong Chas Private
    Armstrong Thomas QM Sergt
    Arnold Ashley Private
    Arnold Richard H 1” Sergt
    Austen Henry Private
    Austin Chas Private
    Austin Clarks R. Private
    Austin Edmund/Edwin Private
    Austin Edwin Private
    Austin Geo W/Geo M Private
    Austin Paul Private
    Aveville Charles Private
    Ayer Anson Private
    Ayer Ira Colonel
    Ayers Austin H 3” Corp
    Ayers Dudley Private
    Ayers Eli 1” sergt
    Aylworth WA Corporal
    Babcock Augustus Corporal
    Babcock Christopher Private
    Bacchus Riley W or Riley M Corporal
    Bachelor James M 1 Lieut
    Bacon Franklin W Private
    Bagley John H Private
    Bagley LB Private
    Baice George Private
    Bailey AJ Private
    Bailey/Bayley Jehiel/Jahiel Musketman/Private
    Bailey Lewis H Adjt
    Baker Chas Sgt
    Baker D. O. or Darius O Private
    Baker George Private
    Baker George Private
    Baker Harvey Private
    Baker Jacob Private
    Baker James Corporal
    Baker John Private
    Baker Orson B Capt
    Baker Peter Private
    Baker Seth Private
    Baker William Private
    Baker William Private
    Balcom Aaron J Private
    Baldridge John Jr. Private
    Banta JW/IW Corporal
    Bander Daniel Private
    Banker Jas B Qr Master
    Barber Jonath n Private
    Barber Harlow B Corporal
    Barber Lorrin Private
    Barker Hiram Private
    Barker Zenas Corporal
    Barnes Henry Private
    Barnes Jacob L Private
    Barney James M Sgt
    Barnhart Jacob Private
    Barnley Wm Private
    Barns CW Ensign
    Barnum Abel Private
    Baron H. Sergent
    Barr JP Corporal
    Barret Dyer Private
    Barrett Ambrose Private
    Barron Alvin Private
    Barron DWC Private
    Barry Archibald Capt
    Barry Nathaniel Corporal
    Bartlet Ephraim Private
    Barton William H Private
    Bartoo Jesse Capt
    Bap Isaac T or JT or IT Private
    Bassett Alfred Musketman
    Bassett Harlow Musketman
    Bassett Jason Adjt
    Bateman IC Private
    Bateman Samuel L Corporal
    Bates AJ Private
    Bates Barney Private
    Bates Erastus Private
    Bates Stephen V Fife Major
    Bayley Jehiel/Jahiel Musketman/Private
    Beach IP Sgt
    Beach Joseph Jr. Private
    Beardsley David Private
    Beardsley F Private
    Becker Jacob Sgt
    Beckwith YH Capt
    Beckweth Barac Corporal
    Beckwith Geo M Colonel
    Beckwith IF 2 lieut
    Bedel Ira Private
    Beedleston Geo Private
    Beedleston Meret Private
    Beeman Joshua Corporal
    Benent Edwin Musketman
    Beldon Dexter Private
    Bell Allison A Private
    Bellman Samuel Private
    Belock Albert Private
    Bement Asa H Private
    Benchly Nathan Private
    Benedict Alfred Private
    Benedict Frederick Private
    Benedict L Private
    Bennett Liberty Private
    Berrien John Private
    Besse John Private
    Best Samuel Private
    Best Wm F Private
    Bidwell Daniel D Private
    Bigelow Austin Capt
    Bigelow Ezra Corporal
    Bigelow Hiram Private
    Bigsby Hiram Private
    Bigsby Thomas Private
    Birga MH Corporal
    Bissell Nathan Private
    Bixler Joseph Private
    Black Cyrenus Private
    Blackman AQC Capt
    Blaesdell Moses Private
    Blakely David Jr. Corporal
    Blancher Peter Private
    Blindley GW Private
    Blodgett Rufus Sgt
    Blossom John S. Qr Master
    Blowers William Sgt
    Boice Jacob Musketman/drummer
    Bomigarder Augustus Private
    Bonton Daniel S. Sgt
    Bordon Asa Private
    Boris Hilton W Sergent
    Bosworth FC Sgt
    Bottoms MW Private
    Boughton Daniel S. Sgt
    Bowdisk Asa Jr. Private
    Bowditch Henry Private
    Bowers Alanson Private
    Bowman Eli H Sgt
    Bowne David Private
    Bower E Corporal
    Bayers John Private
    Baynton Fitz Allen Private
    Brace Russell Private
    Bradford Benj Private
    Bradford David Private
    Bradley Nathan Private
    Brainerd Elisha Private
    Brainerd Philo B Capt
    Brainerd Wells Private
    Branch William Private
    Brand Davis/Down Private
    Brayman Abell E. Capt
    Brayman LH Private
    Brewster Elijah Private
    Brairnaid George E Private
    Briggs Albert Private
    Briggs Caleb Private
    Briggs Hiram Private
    Briggs JB sgt
    Briggs James Corporal
    Briggs Lyman A Private
    Briggs Samuel Sgt
    Brigham Asa Private
    Bringham Wm H Private
    Bristol Aretas Q Brig General
    Bristol Francis S. Major
    Britton John Private
    Bromley DW Paymaster
    Brookes Schuyler Private
    Brooks Chandler Private
    Brower Jeremiah Private
    Brower Caleb Private
    Brown E or Edmund Private
    Brown George Private
    Brown George W. Private
    Brown J or James Private
    Brown John T Sgt
    Brown Nathan Private
    Brown O. T. Colonel
    Brown Oraon? Private
    Brown Reynolds Private
    Brown Simeon Private
    Brown TB Private
    Brown Williard Private
    Brown William C Corp
    Brown William E Corp
    Browning N. or Nathanial Private
    Bruman Adam musician
    Brumley Bart Private
    Buchamp S Private
    Buchanan Gabriel Private
    Buchanan John Private
    Buck Augustus Private
    Buck Edward Private
    Buck Jasper H. Drum major
    Buffum Joseph Sgt
    Buffam Obediah B Private
    Buffum Oliver P Sgt
    Bugden Joseph Private
    Bullis Alfred Private
    Bullis Oliver N Private
    Bumgardy Augustus Private
    Bundy Henry Lieut
    Burdick Samuel Qtr Master
    Burnett Robert Private
    Burnham G Private
    Burnham John Private
    Burns Richard Private
    Burns Samuel Private
    Burt David Brig General
    Burt Eli Private
    Burnwell Elliott Surgeon
    Bush Davis Corporal
    Bush Henry H Corporal
    Bush JM Private
    Bush James Private
    Bush Nathaniel M. Ensign
    Butler Joseph B. Private
    Burdick Hiram Private
    Cady Sheldon 4” Sergt
    Cahoon James Private
    Calahan Stephen Private
    Calkins Abrice Private
    Calkins Harrison 4” Sergt
    Calkins Stephen 1 Lieut
    Callihan Stephen Private
    Campbell Ambrose Private
    Campbell Marvin R Private
    Canfield CA Private
    Carman Peter B. (or P) Private
    Carmen Henry S Private
    Carmens Ambrose Private
    Carpenter Car 3”sgt
    Carr John Private
    Carter Robert Private
    Carnick Wiliam W. Private
    Carter Theodore H Private
    Carner Albert G Private
    Carver Ambrose Private
    Cary Henry R Private
    Case Chauncey L Private
    Case James E Capt
    Case SS Colonel
    Caswell Nicholas Private
    Chaff George Private
    Chadwick Lorenzo Private
    Chamberlain JP Major
    Chamberlin AJ Drum major
    Chamberlin CP Private
    Chamberlin Harrison Private
    Chandler Henry Jr. Private
    Chandler Nathan W. 2” sergt
    Chapel Samuel Private
    Chapin CS Private
    Chase Joseph Private
    Chase Martin C. Private
    Chittenden John T Private
    Church Leonard Corporal
    Church RW Private
    Church Ulysis (Ulisses F) Private
    Churchhill Charles P Private
    Churchhill Jer'h Corporal
    Churchhill John Private
    Churchhill Lewings Private
    Clapp WB Private
    Clapp Enos P 4'Sergt
    Clapp Almon M. Capt
    Clare John T Private
    Clark Alonzo 2” Sergt
    Clark E Private
    Clark George 2” Sergt
    Clark George W Private
    Clark Groswenor? Adjutuant
    Clark James Private
    Clark Joel C Private
    Clark Luther D Private
    Clark Ruben Private
    Clark Stephen B Private
    Clark William H Ensign
    Cleaves John Private
    Clemens AL Private
    Cleveland Chester Private,1”musketman
    Close charles Jr. 4” Sergt
    Clough Abner Private
    Clough Holin Lieut
    Clough Luther Private
    Clough William Private
    Coe John S Private
    Coe William Private
    Cogswell Simeon Private
    Colby Elijah Private
    Colby Peter Private
    Colby Philander Private
    Cole charles Private
    Cole Daniel Private
    Cole Isaac 1” sgt, private
    Cole James W. Private
    Cole Parker Private
    Cole Reynolds 1” sergt
    Cole Thomas N Private
    Collin Alonzo Private
    Collins James Private
    Collins John Private
    Colton Nathan T. musician
    Colver NC 1” lieut
    Colvin Edgar Private
    Comb Thomas J 2” Sergt
    Compton Amos Private
    Comstock EP Private
    Comstock Lyman Private
    Conant Amos B Private
    Conger John M Private
    Conner Franklin Private
    Conway Lackey Y 3”sergt
    Cook AJ 3” sergt
    Cook Charles Private
    Cook Ira Private
    Cook John Private
    Cook Lyman Private
    Cook Moses Private
    Cook William Private
    Cooley ET Private
    Cooper Ezra 1” sergt
    Cooper Isaac A Private
    Cooper Peter Corporal
    Copeland Rowland Private
    Corbin Alcott Ensign
    Cornwell Caleb Private
    Corrain Nathan Private
    Cotton Silas Private
    Cough Peter Private
    Coughlin Lewis Private
    Courier David Private
    Covert John R musician
    Cowl James Corporal
    Cowl James musician
    Craig Moses 1”lieut
    Cranall Abram Private
    Crandall Simon B musician
    Crandall GW Private
    Crane AM 4” Sergt
    Crittenden Thomas 1” Corp
    Cross Daniel Fife Major
    Cross Shubal Drum major
    Cross William Private
    Croup Casper Private
    Croup George Private
    Cully Peter Private
    Cummings John 1” lieut
    Cummings Henry Private
    Curdy Thomas Private
    Curtis Alfred Private
    Curtis Almon Private
    Curtis George O Private
    Curtis Lysander Private
    Curtis Moses S Private
    Curtis Robert G Private
    Curtis Wheler B Private
    Cutler Hector Private
    Cutler John Private
    Daly John Private
    Daniels Edward Private
    Daniels Howard sergent
    Danford Barnabas Private
    Danforth Albert G 1”sgt
    Dart George F Private
    Daughton Hiram Private
    Davis Calvin Private
    Davis Daniel Private
    Davis E Private
    Davis Henry Private
    Davis Herman Private
    Davis James M 1” sergt
    Davis Jeremiah Private
    Davis John Private
    Davis Samuel Private
    Davis Samuel Jr. Private
    Davis Stephen J Private
    Davis Wallis Private
    Day David Private
    Day Edmund Private
    Day Elijah V. Private
    Day Wm Private
    Dayton ES musician
    Decker Joel H Private
    DeForest Orlando Private
    DeLong Joseph Private
    Delonz Isaac Private
    Denison John Private
    Denlo James C Private
    Derby Lyddol B Musician, Private
    Devne CH Private
    Deyer James M Private
    Debble Alexander Private
    Dick John F Private
    Dickenson Elisha Private
    Dickerson James Private
    Dickenson Warren Private
    Dickey B Private
    Dickey Wm H Private
    Dickenson Silas Private
    Diller Joseph Corporal
    Dinsmore A Private
    Duter Joseph Private
    Dwine? Nathan Private
    Dixon Hiram Private
    Dodd Nelson Private
    Dodd Stephen V Muscian
    Dodds Stephen B Private
    Dodge Elam Capt
    Donaldson John Private, Corp
    Donnally Andrew Private
    Donnelly Edward Private
    Dolphing Lewis Private
    Dopking Samuel Private
    Doty JV Private
    Douglass Nelson Private
    Drake Wm Private
    Draper Hiram Private
    Driggs Starling 2” lieut
    Driggs Uriel Private
    Driggs Warren muscian
    Duall John C Private
    Dumond JJ Corporal
    Dumcom Charles Sgt
    Dunham James Private
    Dunlofa Robert Private
    Dunn John Private
    Durham George Private
    Durfee ES Private
    Durgin Hiram Private
    Eastman CD Private
    Eastman Lorenzo D Private
    Eaton Wm Private
    Eddy Charles B Private
    Eddy George W Private
    Eddy Orlando Ensign
    Edmando James Private
    Edmunds Loyal C. Private
    Eels Wm Private
    Efner JV Private
    Eggleston Isaiah Private
    Eggleston Wells Private
    Eggleston William Captain
    Eggleston Welles Private
    Eighm Isaac Private
    Eighune Michael Private
    Eils Herman Private
    Eldred Willis Private, Sgt
    Eldred Herman Private, 2"Cl mus
    Eldrige Samuel Corp, 1" Sgt
    Ellis John S Private, Sgt
    Ellis William S Private
    Ellithorp Elam Lt. Cont?
    Ellithorp Lyman 2" Lt
    Ellsworth Wm 3” sergt
    Emerack Jacob Private
    Emerson Wm Private
    Emery Enoch Private
    Emmons George Private
    Emrick Jacob Private
    Enos Whitney H Private
    Ensworth Lewis WL Colonel
    Erb Isaac Private
    Esteph JH Private
    Everett Allen Private
    Evans Henry B Lieut
    Everett WW Private
    Evens Evan Captain
    Evens James 2 Corp
    Faghster Adam Private
    Fainesworth JH Private
    Fairchild Joseph Private
    Fanning Rufus Private
    Farghter Adam Private
    Farnan Benjamin Private
    Farnesworth George Private
    Farnham Thomas Q Master
    Farnham Orvil Private
    Farr AK Lieut
    Fasset Benjamin W Private
    Fassett Milo Private
    Faxon James Major
    Faxton James Adjutant
    Fay Daniel B private
    Ferguson John Private
    Fernis Joseph Private
    Ferris David Corporal
    Field Chas Lieut
    Field Franklin Private
    Fifield William Private
    Fillitson LL 4" sgt
    Fillmon Cyrus R 2" Corp, Private
    Finch Wm Jun r Private
    Finchbaugh John Private
    Finney Cyrus Private
    Firman? David Private
    Fisher Edgar 4"Sgt
    Fisher Fessinden Private
    Fisk Orison Private
    Fitzgerald James C Private
    Flanders John O Private
    Fletcher Judson R 2" Sgt
    Fletcher Wm Private
    Flint Geo C Musician
    Flyder George Private
    Fones William Private
    Foat Charles G Private
    Forbey David Private
    Force GW 3" Sgt
    Force Lorenzo Private
    Ford AG Private
    Ford Alvin S. 1” Corp
    Ford Loveine G. 2 Sgt
    Ford Orater Musician
    Forence Herman Private
    Fornice Joseph Private
    Forster Thomas 4" sgt
    Foster Wm Private
    Fox Chancey Corp
    Fox FS Private
    Freeman K Private
    French Elicon Private
    French Newell ? Private
    French Shepard Private
    Fuller Henry Private
    Fuller Hiram Private
    Fuller Moses Ensign
    Fuller Orlando Private
    Fuller Orvin Private
    Fullington E Private
    Furnace Joseph Private
    Gable Michael Private
    Gales charles Private
    Gardner HD Private
    Garland JG Corporal
    Garvin Nathaniel Private
    Gaskill Lorenzo Private
    Gay David Private
    Genning A Private
    George James G Private
    Gernsey John C muscian
    Gibson Edward Private
    Gilford Alden A Private
    Gilford William Private
    Gilbert Elijah Private
    Gile Daniel Private
    Givenufe Harvey Private
    Gleason William H Muscian
    Godfrey WH Corp
    Gooding Rhsdney Sgt
    Goodlow Ebenezer Private
    Goodrich Anson Corp
    Goodrich charles Private
    Goodwin John M Muscian
    Gore John Private
    Gorman Francis Private
    Gould Henry Private
    Gould Jones Private
    Graham Charles Private
    Granby Robert B 1' Lieut
    Granger Dudley R Private
    Granger Morry F Private
    Granley John W Corp
    Graves William Private
    Gray William Private
    Grant Samuel P Private
    Gray Rueben H Corp
    Green Gardner muscian
    Green George Private
    Green John M Private
    Green Paris 1”sgt
    Green WG Private
    Greene Pardon Private
    Gregory Jeremiah Corp
    Gregory Peter Private
    Gregory WE Private
    Gretmeyer John Private
    Griffin Senaca muscian
    Groonholdts George Private
    Groonhalts John Private
    Gross Andrew Private
    Gross Michael Private
    Guild Joseph Private
    Guile Daniel Private
    Gwinn William Private
    Haddock Loring K Corp
    Haff John Private
    Halder Edmund Sgt
    Hale Anthony Private
    Half Schagler Sergent Major
    Hall AB 1 Lieut
    Hall AH Private
    Hall Hiram Private
    Hall Ira Jr. Sgt
    Hall Ira H Corp
    Hall Isreal Private
    Hall MW Private
    Hall Nathan Private
    Hallock John Private
    Hamilton Madison D Private
    Hammond John 1” lieut
    Hains James Private
    Handy Cornelius Corp
    Hanshaw JS Private
    Hansahw John B Private
    Hanson Cyrus Private
    Hara Virgil Private
    Harghton Thomas D Private
    Harkness Nehemiah Lt Col
    Harmon Edson Sgt
    Harmon LN Lieut
    Harris Hiram Corp
    Harris Nathan Private
    Harvey Thomas S adjt
    Harvey William Private
    Hasack Robert Private
    Haskins John M Private
    Hatch George Private
    Hatch William M QM Sgt
    Hatch EN Private
    Haven Gordon Private
    Havens Isaac Private
    Hawes NC Sergent
    Hawkes Limre Private
    Hawley Seth C Judge Advocate
    Hay Frederick Private
    Hay Horace N. 1” sergt
    Hay John Private
    Hay Lewis S Private
    Hay Nathaniel Private
    Hayes George E Surgeon
    Hayes HD Corp
    Hayes Pliny A Corp
    Hayse William H Private
    Hayward Nelson Corp
    Hazelton Nathan Private
    Heath Elisha Private
    Heever Daniel Sergent
    Hempstreet Daniel Private
    Hempstreet Jacob Private
    Hempstreet Zina Private
    Hendrick Daniel F Private
    Hendrick Elihu T. Private
    Henion Joseph W Private
    Herren William Private
    Hewitt Sanford Private
    Hickok Eluncen, Lancin, Alanson Sergent
    Hicks James R Private
    Hicks William Private
    Higley David B Sergent
    Hill Emory Private
    Hill John Private
    Hill Samuel B 1” sergt
    Hilyard Alanson Private
    Hilyard Charles M Capt
    Hinchley Michael Private
    Hitchcock Alexander Private
    Hitchcock Apollos Capt
    Hitchcock Lancin Private
    Hitchcock Alanson Private
    Hoag Darius Private
    Hodge Hiram 1' serg
    Hodge David Private
    Hodges Simon Private
    Hodgkins Livens Corp
    Hodgkins SS or LS Private
    Hodskies LS Private
    Holcombe Clark Private
    Holden Edmund Private
    Hollenbeck Henry Private
    Holmes J Sergent
    Hohmes Samuel Private
    Holt Lewis Private
    Holt Morris Private
    Hood John Private
    Hooker Sanford L Private
    Hopkins Nelson K Capt
    Hopkins William Private
    Hopper James Private
    Horton Erza S Sgt Major
    Horton Thomas D Private
    Howard C or Cornelius Private
    Howard Elijas Private
    Howard Ira Private
    Howard Silas B Private
    Howe Harman Private
    Howe Ira D Sergent
    Howe John L Private
    Howe John M Private
    Howell RL Private
    Howes David Jr Private
    Howes Jefferson Private
    Howes Roswell F Sgt
    Howland Hiram Corp
    Hower JW Private
    Hoyt EF Corp
    Hoyt Neht Private
    Hubbard Seneca Private
    Huddock Lovine K Corp
    Huff John G Private
    Huff William G Private
    Hulbert Joseph W Private
    Humphries Henry Private
    Humphry Wolcott J Private
    Hunchback John Private
    Hunt Abner D Private
    Hunt Ezekiel Private
    Hunt Johnathan E Private
    Hunt Merritt Private
    Hunt William Corp
    Hunt William Jr Private
    Hunt EH 2” lieut
    Hunter Joseph Private
    Hunter William Private
    Hunting Lorenzo Private
    Huntington Jonas Surgeon
    Huntley George 1 Lieut
    Huntly George M Private
    Hurst John L Private
    Hurst Robert Private
    Husted Stephen S Private
    Hylant John Sgt
    Hyde Harvey Sergent
    Hyms Martin Private
    Ingells LG Private
    Ingels Lewis F Private
    Ingles Jerome Muse
    Irish DW Private
    Irish Rex Private
    Irvine John R 3” Corp
    Irwin John R 2”corp, 2”sgt
    Ives charles A Private,4 corp
    Iris Edmundo Private
    Jackson Henry Private, 1”sgt
    Jackson Lucius K Private
    Jenks Ira Muse
    Johnson CL Private, Sgt
    Johnson EH Private
    Johnson John TP Private
    Johnson Lyman Private
    Johnson Manthias Private
    Johnson N Private
    Johnson Samuel Private
    Johnson Samuel I Private
    Jones John J Private
    Jones Orrin Private
    Jones William 2 Corp
    Joslin JM Ensign
    Joslym George 1” sgt
    Jourdan Richard Private
    Judevine Henry Jr Private
    Keefer Anthony Private
    Keiffer Anthony Private
    Keith Madison Private
    Keller Henry Private
    Kelley Edward Private
    Kellogg JE Sgt
    Kelsey Melville Private
    Kenage John Private
    Kent Theophilus H. Private
    kentz George Private
    Kenyon James Private
    Kerr George Private
    Ketchum Henry Private
    Keys Chester Fife Major
    Kimball Benjamin Private
    Kimball EM Private
    Kinchley Michael Private
    King George F 2”lieut
    King James Private
    King Lloyd Private
    King SD Private
    King Stephen Private
    King Vera Corp
    Kingsland Nelson Capt
    Kingsley Daruis Private
    Kingsly Stephen S Private
    Kent TH Private
    Kipp George Lieut
    Kipp Henry Sgt Major
    Kirby Adam Private
    Klein CC Private
    Klein CC Private
    Knight Enos Private
    Knight John Private
    Knight Jonathan Ensign
    Knight Wm Private
    Knowland J or Z? Private
    Knowles John muscian
    Knowlton William Corp
    Kock Joseph sergent
    Kneglok Joseph muscian
    Kriss Henry E Private
    Laing Wm Corp
    Laird Ezekial B 2” Sergt
    Lambertson Wm Private
    Lang Willliam Corp
    Laplant Vital Private
    Larkin Benjamin Private
    Larkin Moses Private
    Latimer Chas Private
    Lawrence HD Sergent
    Lawrence Jonathan F Private
    Leavitt James S Ensign
    Lee George R Private
    LeFever Frederick Private
    Leggitt Thomas Private, Musician
    Lepper Hudson Private
    Lester Isaac J Private
    Lesure David 4" sgt
    Leverett JL Ensign
    Lewis Henry Private
    Lewis Morgan Private
    Lewis Norman Private
    Lincoln J. Private
    Lindsey Charles Private
    Lindsley Chas Private
    Lugfield Thos Private
    Lugfield Wm Private
    Litson Leyman Private
    Luile JH Private
    Lockwood Edwin Private
    Longfield Robert 2 lieut
    Loomis RE Private
    Lord Chas B Aid
    Love William Jr. Private
    Loveland George Lieut
    Lowell Gideon Private
    Luce Drake Private
    Luce George Private
    Lucia Alex Private
    Ludden Ezra W? Private
    Ludden Samuel D 1” lieut
    Lyon ES Private
    Madlock Wm Private
    Mallory Herbert Private
    Mallory Peter Private
    Manchester Wm Private
    Mandeville George Private
    Manly Darwin Private
    Manning Aaron B Sgt
    Manning Edgar Private
    Mansfield Orange Private, Musician
    Mansfield Wm Private
    Marcy JL Private
    Markham Nathan C ? Sgt
    Marsh Daniel Private
    Marsh Lyman Private
    Marsh Samuel Jr. Private
    Marsh Wildes Private
    Marshall Alvey S. Private
    Marshall Henry Private
    Marten Maven Private
    Martin Ashel A. (EA) Private
    Martin William Private
    Marvel P Private
    Marvin Harvey Surgeon
    Marvin P Private
    Marvin Stephen Private
    Masary Joel Sgt
    Mason Riley E Private
    Mason Silas Private
    Mason William Private
    Mason WW Private
    Mattison HH Adjt
    McCane Henry Private
    McCarthy John Private
    McChesney Joseph Private
    McClure Uriah B corp; sgt
    McCollister Elisha Private
    McCollock GC (or CG) Private
    McCutter Harvey Private
    McDonald Duncan Sgt, Private
    McFarland James A 1 Lieut
    McGhie? John Private
    McJardin Silas B Private
    McCane Henry Private
    McKean James Private
    Mckelepe George Private
    McKellips James Private
    McKilip James Capt
    McKinney John Corp
    McNair Isaac Private
    McPherson Edgar D Private
    McVain Hugh Private
    Mead Amos Private
    Mead Wm Private
    Meeker Edward Private
    Meeker Warren Private
    Meker Jas muscian
    Melis ? 2 lieut
    Menvin SC Private
    Mercury Peter Private
    Merihem Harlow Private
    Merrihem Herman Private
    Merritt GH Private
    Messenger OF 1 Lieut
    Messner Joseph Corp
    Meville Mark Private
    Michael John Private
    Miles Rodney Corp
    Milesserpaugh Jeremiah B Private
    Milim Alexander G muscian
    Miler CS Private
    Miller Calvin A 1 Lieut
    Miller Seth Private
    Miller William Private
    Milton John Private
    Mitchell Theodore Private
    Mitchell John Private
    Moble David Private
    Molboon Nelson Private
    Moon Wesley Private
    Moore John O 1 Lieut
    Moore Joshua Private
    Moore Willard Jr. Private
    Moore William Private
    Moore Wm Private
    Moorhouse Eben S Sergent
    Moreau Francis Private
    Morris Joseph Private
    Morse Anthony Corp
    Morse Enos Private
    Mosey Joseph Private
    Mosier Daniel T Sergent
    Mosier William D Private
    Mowers Peter Private
    Mulholland Ira Private
    Myatt Wm Private
    Myers Benjamin Private
    Neal John Private
    Newberry Charles Private
    New Comb Parile S 1 sergent
    Newcomer A or thomas Lieut
    Newcomer Silas Private
    Newell Francis Private
    Newton Wm Private
    Nex Cyrus Private
    Nichols Joseph Sergent
    Nichols Martin Private
    Nichols Michael Private
    Niles Orlando O Private
    Noble Gilbert G 2”corp
    Norris Thomas J Capt
    North RC 2” Sergt
    Northop Merritt Private
    Norton martin b Lieut
    Nowell RL Private
    Noyes Wm Private
    Nulton John Private
    Nutt Harrison Private
    Nye EH Private
    Obrick Richard Private
    Obrien Henry Private
    Ogden William Private
    Olden Theodore Private
    Olds Alphonzo Private
    Olds JD Corp
    Ordcutt Josiah Private
    Ornsby Martin Private
    Osborne Abram Private
    Osborne John Private
    Osgoodby Jacob H Capt
    Ostrander Alfred Private
    Ostrander George Private
    Ostrander Isreal N 2' lieut
    Ostrander RH Corp
    Ostrander William 3 sert
    Owens EF Private
    Owen PA Corp
    Packer R Private
    Paice Absolom Private
    Paine James M (JM) Adjutant
    Paine Timothy muscian
    Palmer AC Private
    Palmer Daniel H Private
    Palmer Ferris Private
    Palmer jeremiah Private
    Palmer Winter Corp
    Paltengil Asaph Corp
    Pardy James B QM
    Pardy Paul Private
    Pardy Rufus Private
    Paris Chr Private
    Paris Joseph Private
    Parish Mile Private
    Parker Chauncy Private
    Parker Dow Private
    Parker FP Private
    Parker Isaac Corp
    Parker Orlo D muscian
    Parker R Private
    Parker Sheldon Private
    Parker William Private
    Parker William Private
    Parsell Harry Private
    Parsons charles A Corp
    Parsons E . Private
    Parsons Philip M Private
    Patch Stephen W Private
    Patch Thompson Private
    Patchen EA Private
    Patten George Private
    Pattengel Philander Private
    Patterson John Private
    Patterson Myron Private
    Patterson Robt Private
    Paxton Seth Private
    Payne Jason Corp
    Peak Henry muscian
    Pearce Milo Private
    Pearce Orrin S corps
    Peas Orrin S (OS) Corp
    Pecham Thos N Private
    Peck Jacob Private
    Peckham Thos N Private
    Peddinger John Private
    Peirce Amas Private
    Peirce Caleb Private
    Peirce Henry P Private
    Peirce Proctor Private
    Peirson Elias Private
    Perigo Branscomb Private
    Perkins JB Private
    Perkins Nelson Corp
    Perre Christian Private
    Perry thompkins Private
    Persons HH Private
    Perss christopher Private
    Peters JM muscian
    Petit Amos Private
    Petit Daniel Private
    Phelps EP Private
    Phelps OP Private
    Phillips Signos Capt
    Phillips Daniel Private
    Phillips John H Capt
    Phillips Philelus Private
    Phillips Seneca or S Ensign
    Pierce Christian Private
    Pike Asia 2' lieut
    Pine Erastus Private
    Pitts Aaron L sergent
    Platt AB Private
    Plumber Benjamin Sergent
    Porter Amasa Sergent
    Post charles Private
    Post Edwin Private
    Post Wm Private
    Potter Jer h? Private
    Powers Cyrenus muscian
    Powers CW Private
    Powers George W Private
    Pratt Thos J or TJ Private
    Prentice Horace Private
    Prentice William H or WH Private
    Preston Saml W Private
    Pride John Surgeon
    Priest Reuben S Private
    Prince John qm
    Puttengell Allen O Private
    Rainey Timothy A muscian
    Ralph Edward Private
    Ramsey George Private
    Rand Isreael Private
    Randall Nelson Brig General
    Randall Ora Private
    Randall Jacob Private
    Ransford Nathaniel 3”sergt
    Ransom Benjamin Private
    Ransom HB Colonel
    Ransom John PM Private
    Rattburn Henry Private
    Rathburn Walter Private
    Raymond Charles H Surgeon
    Raymond Lemuel 4" sgt
    Recketson Seth Corp
    Reed Cameron Corp
    Reed Hiram Private
    Reed Launnce J Private
    Reed William Private
    Reeser Cyrus Private
    Remmington E Private
    Reynolds Austin Private
    Reynolds Benjamin Private
    Reynolds Charles Private
    Reynolds Weston Private
    Rhoades Peleg C Private
    Rice J Boo AB ?? Private
    Rice John Private
    Rice Samuel Private
    Richards Thomas F Lieut
    Richardson Ira 1 corp, private
    Ricketson Abednego Private
    Rickitson George Private
    Rider Edward Private
    Rider Eldridge G Private
    Riest Peter Private
    Robb Franklin Capt
    Robb Henry Private
    Roberts Able 3 sert
    Roberts james Jr Private
    Roberts Joseph Private
    Roberts Peter Corp
    Roberts Robert Private
    Robertson Gillman Private
    Robinson Archibald Private
    Robinson HJ 1 corp/private
    Rockwell Norman Private
    Rockwell Samuel Private
    Rockwood Orrin Private
    Roderick John 1 serg major
    Rodney Alexander Private
    Roe Elisha Private
    Rogers Alonzo Private
    Rogers Cary Private
    Rogers Charles Private
    Rogers Daniel V Private
    Rogers Erastus Private
    Rogers John M Private
    Rogers John S corp, private
    Rogers William Private
    Roosvelt jacob Private
    Root Daniel Private
    Root TA 2 corp., private
    Root William C Private
    Ross peleg L Private
    Row John Private
    Row John Jr Private
    Rowley Justice T Private
    Rowley MW Private
    Rowley Martin Private
    Rowley Oliver G Private
    Rowley Roger E. Private
    Rowley Norman A Private
    Rud Josiah Private
    Rugan Harmen B Private
    Rugar Gabrial Private
    Ruggles Eldad muscian
    Ruscoe SH Private
    Russell Jacob Private
    Russell MW Private
    Russell Samuel Private
    Russell William G Private
    Rutter Samuel Private
    Ryan Daniel Private
    Ryan Thomas Private
    Sacket Ira Private
    Satter James Private
    Sampson George Private
    Sanbern Isaac Private
    Sanbern John D 4" sgt
    Sanger Cornelius Private
    Sargartt George M Private
    Savage George Corp
    Savage James S. Private
    Sawin Albert 4' corp
    Sawlis thomas Private
    Sawyer Asa Private
    Sawyer Benjamin F Private
    Schuneman WW Private
    Scott William Private
    Scoville Smith muscian
    Seaman richard Private
    Seaman Williams Paymaster
    Seamans Marvin Private
    Seamans RD 3 corp
    Searles Allen Private
    Seward John Private
    Sexton jason QM Sgt
    Shanaro Robert Private
    Shattuck charles T. 2 sgt
    Shattuck Edward C 1 sargent
    Shaver GW Private
    Shaw Albert Private
    Shaw Jonathan Ensign
    Shaw william Private
    Sheldon Benjamin F Capt
    Sheldon Robert Private
    Shelly Jacob Private
    Shephard William Private
    Sherman CB Private
    Sherman Job Private
    Sherman Samuel Private
    Sherwood Lyman 4 corp,sgt
    Shumaker John Private
    Showers Thomas Private
    Shucker Daniel Private
    Shuman C. Private
    Signor Sidney Private
    Silby John Private
    Simington Sam'l G 2” Sergt
    Simmons Wm muscian
    Simpson JS L Private
    Simpson John Private
    Skeel Andrew L Private
    Slocum A Private
    Slosson Noah Private
    Smith Albert H 4” Sergt
    Smith Benjamin R Private
    Smith Caleb Private
    Smith Chas M Private
    Smith Chauncey Private
    Smith Cyrus Private
    Smith David Private
    Smith EP or B Private
    Smith George W 2' lieut
    Smith Henry P Private
    Smith Hemphrey Private
    Smith JA Private
    Smith James H Private
    Smith John J Capt
    Smith John F Paymaster
    Smith Jonathan Corp
    Smith nathan Private
    Smith Silas Private
    Smith Wm P Private
    Snearly Benjamin Private
    Snyder George Private
    Snyder John Private
    Snyder Lewis Private
    Sodon Samuel Private
    Sopher Amos Capt
    Sopher George W Private
    Sopher Jacob Private
    Sopher Joseph Private
    Southwick Herain Private
    Southworth JH muscian
    Sours William muscian
    Spalding Armon Private
    Spalding George Private
    Spalding Lewis Private
    Spalding Orwing Private
    Sparks Elijah Private
    Sparks Peter Private
    Spaulding John F Private
    Spelman Lawrence Private
    Spencer Allen Private
    Spencer Ambrose Private
    Spencer Elisha H Private
    Spencer Luther Private
    Sprague Chauncey Private
    Sprague richard Private
    Sprague Wm Private
    Sprague Wm Private
    Sprange Wm 4' corp
    Spratt Robert Private
    Stackpole Stephen Corp
    Stacey Alanso Private
    Stafford Darius B Drum major
    Stafford David Private
    Stafford JT Corp
    Stafford Joseph Private
    Stafford Noah Private
    Stafford Stephen Private
    Stafford Washington Private
    Stagg henry R Surgeon, asst surgeon
    Slave Mitcheal Muscian
    Slearnes Wm Private
    Sleeve Abram Private
    Sleever David Muscian
    Sleever Jacob 1 corp
    Slevens FP Judge Advocate
    Slevens Harry A Private
    Slevens James W Lieut
    Stevenson GP Aide de Camp
    Stickles Albert Private
    Stickney charles 4 corp
    Stillman Francis Private
    Stilwell Myron private,mus
    Stoddard Arnold Private
    Stine Jeremiah Private
    Stone richard Private
    Stone Wm P Private
    Stores Sidney Private
    Stotler Peter Private
    Stover J Private
    Strong Elisha H Private
    Strong Wm Private
    Straight Ch s Private
    Stuart James B Private
    Sturdevant Edgar Private
    Sutherland Orrin Private
    Swarts DD Private
    Swarts AS 1' serg
    Swartz Andrew Private
    Swartz John Capt
    Swazy Obadiah Private
    Sweeney Wm Private
    Sweeney Michael M Private
    Sweet Henry Private
    Swift Asa K Private
    Switzer George Private
    Taber Miles C 4 corp
    Taft SS 4 serg
    Tallman Elias 1 sargent
    Tappan Harman VA 2 lieut
    Ttarbott Henry Private
    Taylor Darius Fife Major
    Taylor DC Private
    Taylor George Capt
    Taylor George W 1 corp
    Taylor John Private
    Taylor John F Ensign
    Taylor Stephen Private
    Teetrick Saml W Private
    Tenant Amherst D Private
    Tennant Samuel Private
    Tennant Samuel A Private
    Tharp Anise Private
    Thatcher Benjamin Private
    Thatcher Joseph Private
    Thew Ebenezer Private
    Thew gilbert Private
    Thew gilbert Private
    Thomas Albert W Private
    Thomas BW Private
    Thomas Horace Corp
    Thomas Orrin C Private
    Thomas William 4 serg
    Thompson Abraham Private
    Thompson Amos T Private
    Thompson Charles 1' serg
    Thompson David Fife Major
    Thompson George W Private
    Thompson S.M. Private
    Thompson John S sgt major
    Thompson thomas Private
    Thorn Henry Lieut
    Thorn William Private
    Thorton Charles Private
    Thorton Marshall M Private
    Thorp Stephen Private
    Thorp William Private
    Thurston A.A. Private
    Tilltson LL 4: sgt
    Tillitson LL sgt
    Timmerman B Private
    Toms richard Private
    Toust Marcust Private
    Tounsence George Private
    Towsend jeremiah Private
    Tracy Erastus Private
    True Peter 3” Corp
    True Charles Private
    Tubbs Martin Private
    Tucker charles W Private
    Tucker Joseph Private
    Tucker Samuel Private
    Tully Hugh Private
    Tupper Erastus muscian
    Tupper GW 1 sgt
    Turner Solomon Private
    Tuthill William Capt
    Uptigraff William Private
    Utter Samuel Private
    Valentine Luther 1' Lieut
    Vanderpool Isaac W brigade major
    Vanderseon Orville Private
    Vandytke william Private
    Van Steck Peter H Private
    Vanes John P Private
    Vanvalcomburgh Zocksm?? Private
    Van Valkenburgh Thomas Ensign
    Van Valkenburgh William Private
    Van Wey Lewis Private
    Vaughan David Private
    Vaughan Stephen A Private
    Vaughn George Private
    Vaughn Henry Private
    Vaughn Nelson Private
    Vohes Martin Private
    Vasburgh Henry Private
    Wait ED Private
    Wait levi Private
    Waite Horace W Private
    Wakeman John Private
    Wakeman Joseph Private
    Wakeman Lewis Private
    Walkeman Lewis Private
    Walker James sgt
    Walker Lemuel F comy of subsistance
    Walkerman John Private
    Wallace Miles Lieut
    Wallis Miles Lieut
    Ward Thomas Private
    Ward Wm R S Private
    Ware Lyman Private
    Warley Michael Private
    Warner pardon P Private
    Warren Jabey QM Sgt
    Warrimer JC Capt
    Washburn John Corp
    Weatherbee S Corp
    Webb William F Private
    Webb Wm P Private
    Webster John sergent
    Weed David S Corp
    Weed Jonas n sergent
    Weed Joseph Private
    Welch Samuel B Corp
    Welcome D Private
    Weldon John Private
    Weldon Ethan B Sergent
    Wells Alfred Private
    Wells Ephraim Private
    Wells Henry Private
    Wells James Private
    Wells Jefferson Private
    Wells Joseph Private
    Welsy David Paymaster
    Wentworth Eben Private
    Wescott Cyrus Private
    Wescott D Private
    Wesley Alexander Private
    Wesley George W Private
    West Cyrus Private
    West JA Private
    Weston Abner Sgt
    Wetmore Daniel Private
    Wetsell George C Private
    Weaton Amasa B Corp
    Wheeler Charles Private
    Whipple Irman Corp
    Whitcomb Robert Private
    White AA Sergent
    White JS Corp
    White Nathaniel M Private
    White Silas Private
    White Thomas Private
    White William Private
    Whiting Summer Private
    Whitney GT sergent
    Whitney John Corp
    Wilber John Sgt
    Wilber Niah R Private
    Wilber Theodore E muscian
    Wilcox Amos Private
    Wilcox Elijah Private
    Wiley Calvin Private
    Wiler John Private
    Wiley Seth Private
    Wiley Sutten Private
    Wilkins Jesse Private
    Willard N. Private
    Willard Orel Private
    Willey Benjamin R Private
    Williams D sergent
    Williams Henry Private
    Williams james Major
    Williams henry L Private
    Willington Ashley Private
    Willis CC muscian
    Wilson Edwin sgt
    Wilson Harper R Private
    Wilson John Private
    Wilson Samuel Private
    Windnagle Michael Private
    Winagar James E Private
    Wing Stephen 1 Lieut
    Wisner Horace Private
    Witer John Private
    Withenell Hiram Sergent
    Wolcott John Private
    Wolfer Jacob Private
    Wollcott Hiram Private
    Wood Amos Private
    Wood BJ Private
    Wood Chas Private
    Wood Chend muscian
    Wood Joseph Colonel
    Wood Lyman Private
    Wood Samuel Corp
    Woodland Myron Private
    Woodford Nelson Private
    Woodruff Alphonzo Corp
    Woolson Theron W 1 Lieut
    Worden Latman B Private
    Worster Harman D Private
    Worthington Isreal N Private
    Wright GH Private
    Wright Lyman Sgt
    Wright Mordan S Private
    Wright Seneca Private
    Wybert Thomas H Private
    Wyckoff Wm M Private
    Wyckoff Wm P Private
    Yarem James Private
    Yarom James Private
    York Franklin Private
    Young Isaac Private
    Young John Private
    Youngs Isaac S Private

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