.: Federal Troops on the Niagara Frontier :.         
  The Buffalo Barracks              .: 1837-1846 :.
   Regular Soldiers assigned to the 3rd. Regiment of Artillery who served at The Buffalo Barracks:
Company - A
Anderson, Peter
Blanchard, George W.
Brady, Thomas
Bronson, James
Brynes, Patrick
Danley, John
Company - B
Brent, Henry
Stevens, Daniel
Company - C
Ames, David C.
Diffin, John
Fuller, Joseph
McCredic, James
McGabe, John
Miller, Charles
Murray, Robert
Rogers, James
Schribner, William H.
Shay, John
Stevens, Rosel

Company - D
Moffett, Stephen
McPherson, James
Ward, William
Company - E
Dinno, Amab
Duffney, Isaac
Company - F
Babcock, Alexander
Hessell, James
Hunter, Richard
Leal, Richard
McBride, Daniel
Company - G
Barber, Vincent
Olds, John
Page, Joseph
Perry, Arron
Perry, William
Pomeroy, Francis
Walker, Thomas

Company - H
Austin, William
Handy, Herman L.
McCluskey, James
Perkins, Hiram
Tallmadge, Eli
Todd, Samuel

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